16 August 2013: 70 Miles Today; 1274 Total Miles. Dry Camped at a Rest Area, 13 miles N. of Wonowon.


  Another good biking day; cool, partly cloudy, a light headwind and rolling hills.  Traffic is getting heavier every day, may be a sign of getting closer to civilization.  Actually, a majority of the traffic is related to oil and gas:  wells, exploration and the construction of roads and pads related to the oil and gas fields.  Construction of pipelines for natural gas is also very vigorous in this area.  All this work puts a lot of “oversized” rigs and other work trucks on the road.  It is a steep run down to the Sakanni  River, near the river is a fuel station and campground.  As I passed by it, little did I know that Betty had stopped here an hour or so before me and tanked up with diesel fuel.  The climb out of the Sakanni Valley was long and steep; it was just the first of many long climbs today.  At lunch we discuss our dry camp choices for the evening.  There are two Rest Areas available: the first would make for a 38 mile day, the second would be a 70 miler.  Ok, we will go for it. 

  For a place that our map labels as “Interior Plains” there are a lot of ups and downs.  But, even the worst hills will be history if we just keep knocking them out.  Betty is probably having a harder time with the hills and the traffic than I am; I just stay to the right and keep pumping, Betty is in the middle of the traffic and does not like big trucks pushing her to go faster than her comfort zone will allow.  It is a beautiful sight to see the RV waiting; Betty has a cold beer ready for me so we can discuss the trials of the day.  She points out that we are only 13 miles from Wonowon (named because it is at mile marker 101 from Dawson Creek) which means we only have 114 miles to the end of the Alaska Highway and our biking saga.

Betty:  I am way out of my comfort range with these huge oversized loads bearing down on me.  Only 114 miles left – “I think I can, I think I can”.

Be thinking about our challenge to each of you to donate a penny per mile to the American Cancer Society.  We will post the final mileage once we are in Dawson Creek.

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