22 August 2013: 6,880 Miles Key West to Arctic Circle in Alaska.

We have totaled the Miles on the Key West to Alaska Bike Trip:

Note: Annual dates are for Non-Winter biking seasons.

2006 – Key West to Fort Stockton, TX                                   56 Days    2,207 miles

2007 – Fort Stockton to Antelope Wells, NM                         9 Days       283 miles

2007 – Antelope Wells to Montana/Canada Border           49 Days    1,730 miles

2013 – MT/Canada Border to Arctic Circle in Alaska           61 Days     2660 miles

Total  Key West  to  Arctic Circle  in  Alaska                         175 Days     6880 miles

Betty:  Several of you have agreed to the challenge we sent out about a penny a mile donation to the American Cancer Society.  Should you wish to make that donation the Total Mileage is 6880 or $68.80 – or you can choose this year’s segment which was 2660 or $26.60.  If you want to let me know what you donate I can keep a tally of donated funds.  Please donate at www.cancer.org    Many Thanks to all of you for keeping up with the journal and for your encouraging words throughout the trip.

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