Spell of the Wild

The Adventures of Chuck & Betty
Long distance Hiking, Biking, Paddling, Horseback Riding, Touring and most of all ~ LIVING!

1989 December – Nepal
Chuck’s cousin Linda called and said “We’re going toNepal - approach to Mt. Everest Nepal to hike the approach trail to Mt. Everest.  Would you like to do that?”  Who could turn down an offer like that.  We lived in Belgium at the time.  They were living in Bangladesh.  We started training and getting our gear together, making arrangements for flights, and off we went for a wonderful and exciting trip on an unbelieveable trail.  We had a guide and porters and we definitely needed them.  We spent some time acclimating in Kathmandu, then flew to Lukla and started the trek.  Linda and Sam, their two teenagers, friends of theirs, Chuck and I( Betty), one guide and several porters made up our group.  We stayed in “tea” houses where we had our meals and each had a bunk.

1995 January to May – Riding horseback across the United States  (Tybee SCAN0003Island, GA to Imperial Beach, CA).  A group of over fifty riders and teamsters touched the Atlantic surf and rode west on a southern route across the U.S. staying in fairgrounds, rodeo grounds, livestock yards, parks and ranches.  Four and a half months later, less than a dozen riders and one wagon rode into the Pacific surf just south of San Diego, California.

1997 Summer – Hiking the Colorado TrailNo journal currently online for Tiphaniethis hike.  Chuck and our niece, Tiphanie, hiked the trail most of the time.  EJ joined in the hike at several locations.  I (Betty) hiked occasionally but did mostly support.  We camped in a tent but out of the car so we were able to have a few more luxuries than is possible when backpacking.  Susan, EJ and the grandkids were living in Colorado at the time and came out to hike with us whenever time permitted.

Chuck at McAfee Knob1999 November to 2002 August  - Hiking the Eastern Continental Trail (ECT)  Key West, Fl to Belle Isle, Newfoundland  The ECT starts in Key West and links together the Overseas Heritage Trail, Florida Trail, Conecha National Forest Trails, Pinhoti Trail, Benton Mckaye Trail, Appalachain Trail and the International Appalachian Trail.  The majority of this 5,000 mile trip was supported by Betty leaping ahead in an RV.

11_Chuck_and_Bill_ready_to_go2003 June 1 – August 3  -  Canoeing the Yukon River  Starting at the source of the Yukon River near Whitehorse in Yukon Territory, Canada and paddling downstream into Alaska and ending at the Bering Sea.  Two old high-school classmates in two canoes and enough gear to last four months paddle 2200 miles on a wilderness trip of a lifetime.

IMG_04562006 September 26 – 2013 August 19  -  Biking Key West to Alaska  Back on the trail with Betty again providing support with an RV.  The route is north through Florida to Georgia then west through the southern tier of states to New Mexico then north on the Continental Divide Mountain Bike Trail to Montana and the Canadian Border.  After a big lapse (5 years) due to family traumas, we resumed this trip in the Spring of 2013.  North to Alaska!  Our charity for this trip – the American Cancer Society – please donate at: www.cancer.org

IMG_15252009 March 1 – April 20  -  Across the Orient   (Travels in Vietnam, China, Mongolia and Russia)  A group of eight relatives & friends, including three Vietnam veterans and the widow of another, go back to old battle grounds.  Betty started planning a trip to Southeast Asia and it grew into a trip around the world, including a week traveling on the Trans-Siberian Railway.

2015 Family Adventure to Peru.  IMG_0273Chuck, Betty, Fran, Susan, Jeanette, Brendan and Christy headed for Peru on a great adventure.  You can find the itinerary and some information at the above link.

IMG_1953 Scotland 2017   Chuck and I spent three weeks in Scotland in 2017.  It was fun to travel around to places and realize that Chuck’s ancestors had lived and traveled in some of the same areas.  We spent some time in Edinburgh, the Highlands near Balmoral/Bremer and a trip up to the Orkney Islands.  Chuck’s ancestors on the Wilson side come from the “Borders” area of Scotland near New Galloway and his relatives on the Bruce/McPherson side lived near Dundee.