Phases of the Key West to Alaska Bike Trip

Phase IA (Key West, FL to Ft Stockton, TX)                            56 Days  -  2207 miles

Phase IB (Ft Stockton, TX to Antelope Wells, NM)                  9 Days   -    283 miles

Phase IIA (Antelope Wells, NM to Datil, NM)                         10 Days  -    311 miles

Phase IIB (Canadian Border to Datil, NM)                               39  Days -   1419 miles

Phase I Total               65 Days  -  2490 miles      

 Phase II Total            49 Days  -  1730 miles


Phase III (Canadian Border to Alaska)                      To Be Continued          


                                         Trip Total as of 24 Aug 2007          95 Days  -  3937 miles    Note: The “days” include about five ‘zero days’ (non-riding days, due to rest, logistics support, sightseeing, etc).